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Ukraine War was created by JackKnife!UK

I'm a bit of a Slavophile, I am descended of a group of religious pacifists that originated in Russia and Ukraine and who ultimately ended up emigrating to the Prairie provinces in Canada, so I've always had a deep and abiding interest in Russia. I even spent 7 months there between in 2006 to 2007.

I'm saddened by events in Russia and my heart goes out to those suffering because of Putin and his inner circle's actions in starting this war - this includes both Russians and Ukrainians. As an attempt to understand and allow others to understand why and what this is happening, I've decided to start this new thread on the events happening in Ukraine. My hope is that this can be a bit of reference point for people hoping to learn more about the war through reading a diverse set of curated current event sources I've collected (and continue to collect) on the subject.

My first post is by Peter Zeihan. A demographer, geopolitical analyst and economic forecaster who has written extensively about how demographics shapes world events. Russia's demographics are important in the context of the war as their population is in free fall - in 2021 alone they lost almost a million people to a low birth rate, emigration and Covid. How does a massive country like Russia stay relevant (or even maintain their statehood) if they face population collapse?

The End of Russia
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Replied by Winbean on topic Ukraine War

Greg Reese is one of the many journalists from the Alex Jones network at www.banned.video/

Greg Reese Makes these powerful reports in these short videos.

Here is one called "The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth."


Here's another one by Greg Reese Called "Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine."


Here's a piece from Mark Felton production put out about Nazi Battalion.

Mark Felton also has other videos about the situation In Russia and Ukraine war.

It sounds like Nazis are one of the problems down this rabbit hole.
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Replied by JackKnife!UK on topic Ukraine War

I've been slow in making more posts on this subject as it's tax time and I'm trying to get my taxes done before the deadline, but I had to comment on this.

The Nazi thing is a non starter. The AZOV battalion is extremely nationalistic and probably has a more than a few members who could be considered fascist, though politically Ukraine is non fascist. AZOV comprises of a few hundred members (kind of like a small village) and probably it has significantly fewer members now because of the losses in Mariupol and there are probably way more ultra nationalists in Russia than Ukraine ever had.

My Canadian friend who lived in Kyiv for many years was well aware of the Azov battalion and the Right Sector movement - he witnessed some of their marches and rallies but these events would only be attended by their members and were looked down on by the rest of the population. He even knew where they had their clubhouse - a place they ran a cafe to fund their movement. They are a fringe group who if Putin really wanted rid of he could have easily planted a bomb in the clubhouse and removed the lot.

It is ridiculous for the Kremlin to use "de-Nazification" as an excuse for murdering Ukrainian citizens when the Ukrainian president is himself a Jew, and the people most closely associated with fascism hold no political power and have nothing to do with national policy while being mostly held in scorn by the rest of the citizenry.
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Replied by JackKnife!UK on topic Ukraine War

Putin's Ideology

A better reason for Putin's militant stance than fighting Nazism is revealed in this article about Ivan Ilyin and Alexander Dugin, both Slavic ultra nationalists with ideological philosophies supporting the idea that all Slavs possess the same national identity and should be united living in the same nation.


This dangerous fantasy ignores the reality of modern civilization that has seen an inexorable march in the 20th and 21st centuries towards liberalism, freedom and self determination, the effects of which we are now watching in Ukraine's surprising national unity in the face of foreign aggression.
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Replied by Relik on topic Ukraine War

Jack we love you, great to have some discussion. I never thought this song would be relevant again. Why does our calander have the date wrong...its 1983

99 Decision Street
99 ministers meet
To worry, worry, super-scurry
Call the troops out in a hurry
This is what we've waited for
This is it boys, this is war

99 Red Balloons Nena
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Replied by Winbean on topic Ukraine War

Oh boy, I jumped into the rabbit hole this time, and by the way, good luck on doing your taxes because I hated getting off my dead butt and during mine.

The first thing that comes to my mind is you talked about blowing up a clubhouse full of Nazis. I'm pretty sure Adolf Hitler Could have done the same thing with the communist Clubhouse in Germany; instead, he blew up the Reichstag and blamed it on a Dutch communist. Also, The situation is Unbelievably complicated than blowing up a house full of..... well, assholes, and I also believe that the president of Ukraine can care less if he's a Jew or not. I Mean, Adolf Hitler was half-Jew; he could care less too. Nazis come in different names, not just Nazis; for example, in the United States, we got groups called Antifa, BLM, ABC community, KKK = [kool kids klub] if you don't form to them, they hate you. They've been known to catch buildings on fire at a view looks like the cities were on fire here in the United States. Those are extensions of the Democrat party, Just like the brownshirts, the black shirts so on and so forth. Still, you rarely see these groups on the mainstream media; one of them praised one of the groups; I can't remember which group. At the same time, there was a burning car behind him, and The reporter called it mainly peaceful protests, so imagine what the mainstream media is not telling you now, and I'm not giving credit to Fox News.

Check this article out; you can read it or watch the video Alex Jones explains; it's about Russian prisoners being tortured and castrated and left to die by Ukrainian forces and their videotaping it and uploading it to Twitter.


In this second link, the article shows multiple videos of Ukrainian forces, mainly Asswhole battalions Targeting civilians. Blaming it on the Russians in the mainstream media will glorify this anyway. Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster talked to the civilian population [While he was with Russian Forces giving out humanitarian aid] about what was going on. In the many things they talk about, the Ukrainian forces sometimes kill civilians with their hands tied behind their back Because they sympathize with the Russians or make the Russians look bad for the mainstream media.


And scary enough, the Nazis In Ukraine and the United States, so on and so forth, Are all connected under George Soros's Corrupted Empire, and the rabbit hole goes deeper.
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